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Steps 2 Success University ("S2SU") is a private and contemporary institution in Charlotte, North Carolina. Established in 2020 and named for its approach, S2SU is a new institution of higher learning in the United States and among the most innovative in the country.

Building students with academic and financial empowerment, we are the convergence of academia with financials. S2SU provides an educational approach to support self-development and economic growth for the advancement of crucial skills for today's workforce. Below, provides the S2SU outlook.

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Program Features

Steps 2 Success University Programs

Steps 2 Success University provides programs for an array of students. S2SU provides three programs: business, technology, and music. Although some of the S2SU students select one program, dual and triple major opportunities are available - for those that want an additional degree of knowledge.

Business Program

Business Program

S2SU's School of Business provides education and experience in business administration and management, with instruction involving accounting, administration, business analytics, strategy, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, human resource management, management science...more

Technology Program

The S2SU School of Technology provides an eclectic curriculum involving the various arrays of technology towers, services, and domains. From an operations and project perspective, S2SU students understand how to achieve technological goals and objectives (high-level and low-level)...more

Music Program

S2SU's School of Music provides the tools and knowledge you will need to pursue your dream. With a focus on the music industry ((studio: synthesizers, drum machines, modules, plugins, samplers, digital audio workstation recording, editing, playback, and postproduction, studio classification) and performance...more

Art Program

S2SU's School of Art provides the specialization and hands-on experience, to create. The program focuses on industry standards and tools (globally used), ranging from art history and an array of graphic design (advertising graphic design, corporate design, art & illustration for graphic design...more

Learn & Grow Features

S2SU Academic Initiatives

S2SU provides self-study and self-paced programs of high value. With a motto of 'No Loan Needed - No Loan Owed,' the school takes pride in providing an excellent learning platform for students to earn while they learn and learn while they earn.

S2SU Economic Initiatives

"Learn 2 Earn" and "Earn 2 Learn" is the S2SU slogan and core of our practice, procedures and processes. This solution allows for the S2SU student to work, earn pay, and not struggle, as is experienced by struggling students attending other costly institutions. We provide value via our financial assistance whereby you are NOT left with debt via a loan.

Learn and Grow S2S Skills Academy

University Awards support

S2S University Certifications

S2S University certification exemplifies your demonstrated commitment to academic completion, the progressive completion of the required steps to success, and it is received with excellent PERCs (prestige, education, revenue, and credentials). Via continued learning, S2SU students progress to industry standards. Keeping you up-to-date with the latest practices, techniques, and skills via continuing education, S2SU provides the students with an opportunity to hone their knowledge in preparation for the professional workforce and career advancement.

S2S University Programs & Courses

S2S University provides an array of programs and courses, whereby students register via the online registrar. An array of courses exists for lifelong learning opportunities for people who are looking to learn a new skill or peruse an interest in the areas of business, technology and/or music. Single, dual, and triple major opportunities exist. In addition, S2S University provides several services ranging from resume development, career services, and more, via its Center for Training & Development. The CTD also provides customized training for students who want to gain a competitive advantage over their competition. The S2SU online education programs continue to grow rapidly and official accreditation via the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools is in progress and review.

S2S University Tests & Quizzes

S2S University students mobilize technology to assess their understanding of concepts, terms, analysis, decision making, tactics and strategy. Competency assessments and grading occur via course-quizzes and certification-tests, and students are required to pass with a minimum grade of 80%. S2SU students are expected to learn, earn, and yearn for more knowledge. Students can continue re-taking already-passed quizzes and tests, to review and retain their degree of knowledge which is used to measure students' learning progress, academic achievements, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the students' virtual and on-demand learning.

Course Features

Steps 2 Success University Courses

As of 2020, S2SU has implemented an array of 25 courses, per program.
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