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  1. Tell a friend

    Even better, tell many friends and many family members. They will be happy they enrolled, too!

  2. Stay focused

    Let no one deter you from your objectives and goals. You can either lose, or you can win!

  3. Never give up

    Winners never give up, and by winning, this self gratification provides additional happiness!

  4. Maintain passion and desire

    Within yourself, maintain that strong interest to become efficient and effective!

  5. See yourself there

    Right now, you are there. See yourself there, and you will achieve it. Manifest your destiny!

  6. Win

    Win, win, win! And then...
    Win, win, win, again!

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We aim to provide better programs and tools for the students. Our interest is for you and us to achieve the highest goals.






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Read, listen, learn and do.
Start early. Start now!
Plan for execution.

Important facts to know

Accreditation is the recognition from an accrediting agency that an institution maintains a certain level of educational standards.
The U.S. Department of Education maintains a database of accrediting agencies it recognizes.

Steps 2 Success University is a nontraditional and nonaccredited institution that is recognized, endorsed, designated and sponsored by organizations that are in businesses other than accreditation.

The Steps 2 Success University higher education and business-oriented practice and supplementary approach is unique, eclectic, contemporary, and innovative - advantageous and focused on student-success - without a loan.

According to CNBC, "This year, U.S. student debt levels set a new record. According to the St. Louis Federal Reserve, borrowers collectively owe over $1.5 trillion in student loans. Debt has become an inevitable part of going to college for millions of Americans. The most recent Survey of Household Economics and Decision-making (SHED) from the Federal Reserve Board indicates that 42 percent of Americans who attended college, and 30 percent of all adults, have incurred debt in order to finance a degree." (Hess, 2018)

According to Forbes, "Student loan debt in 2020 is now about $1.56 trillion." (Friedman, 2020)

According to USNews, "Here are three reasons why taking out student loans to pay for college is a bad idea..." "You'll have to pay interest. Falling behind on student loan repayment can lead to delinquency and default." "Student loans can hurt your debt-to-income ratio." According to Coby Cobb, one alternative is to "Work while you study." (Cobb, 2019)


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