About us

S2S University, founded in 2020, is a private and contemporary U.S. institution offering business, technology, and music programs, certifications and courses.

The school offers an excellent curriculum, syllabus, and approach whereby students leverage an array of BAVA courses.

With every successful student, an array of notable achievements and certifications are awarded: Junior, Associate, Professional, Expert, Chief, Master, and Doctorate.

Our history

  • S2S was privately funded & founded and became publicly open for business.

  • Development of the S2S programs and curriculums were created.

  • Academia solutions and tools were implemented.

  • Successful technology implementations completed.

  • National awareness and engagement activities initiated.


Opportunities arise when individuals express and pursue their goals. S2S students and alumni formulate partnerships that allows for continued development, collaboration and teamwork whereby positive outcomes occur.

S2S alumni receive many benefits:

  • Free Alumni Membership
  • Free Family Photo Books
  • Free Alumni Newsletters
  • Free Family Newsletterss
  • Alumnus Networking & Recognition
  • Product & Service Discounts
  • Free Tickets
  • Free Products
  • Free Sponsor Access
  • Self Gratification

Read some feedback

David Austin

"Not only do we love the school, we also appreciate the hands-on approach - very good."

Natalie Barnes

"Time is of the essense, and I learned so much in a short time...that I never knew before."

Thomas Bishop

"Okay, what do I say besides, 'This is a great school!'"

Jobs openings

  1. Director

    S2S directors report to vice presidents and develop business and marketing strategies for business growth. Directors own decision and approval accountability, for most pertinent risks and issues.

  2. Manager

    S2S managers provide inspiration, information, and integration of prospective, active and inactive students. Managers efficiently and effectively develop and execute prioritized schedules to maximixe efforts and excellence.

  3. Supervisor

    S2S supervisors accomplish department objectives by supervising internal staff and monitoring structured work processes. Supervisors monitor, review, coach and advise studentsbased on their functional performance.

Required skills

Professional Background

Our teams provide a wealth of knowledge and experience whereby value is received.


  • I love this school. I wish I knew about this, a while ago.
    Maria Brooks, Student
  • My cousin and I joined, and we are very pleased with the results.
    Steven Donovan, Student